Portes ouvertes -samedi 29 septembre

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  1. Hello, I am interested in registering my 4 year old in your school. But I am not finding details on your fees. Please send me the fees details. Thank you
    • Layal El Hajj
      hi can you please send en e mail @ reception@college-pasteur.ca and ask for more informations thank you
  2. Hi madame Layla Can I ask you something if I wanna register my kid for the next year should I come to the Porte ouverte or I have to register on line?
    • Layal El Hajj
      you can register online @ reception@college-pasteur.ca and you can also visit our school
  3. Bonjour Besoin de plus d’informations pour la journée porte ouverte pour le secondaire. Merci
    • Layal El Hajj
      Porte ouvertes samedi 29 octobre de 9h30 à 12h30

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